Stray Only Close

19686282_10212614728060472_653367980_oStray close. Yet, go far. Don’t overdo yourself. Conserve energy. Prove nothing to those who do not matter. Decide those who do matter and make your time for them. Choose your friends. Analyse your enemies (if you have any). Take pride in your appearance. Yet, do not obsess. Continue to learn. Stop doing things that do not educate you. Read more. Write more. Think more. Remember, no one is right. So you are not wrong. Pick and discriminate. Construct thoughts and feelings out of matters that interest you. Take the bins out. Keep your room tidy. Yet, do not obsess over it. Life is what happens when you’re awake. So, work hard. Scrap that, so work smart. Do not invest into that which is not worthy. You’ll struggle to know what is worthy. But do not worry. Your existence is a patched-patterned duvet of trial and error. So do not be afraid to make mistakes. Always learn from them. Make sure you remember the lessons though. Listen to music. Have constructive hobbies. Always have something you want to be better at. Be nice to your parents. Don’t take life too seriously. It can disappear quicker than you think. So have fun. Fuck people. Do stupid things. Take drugs. Take pictures. Get drunk. Play a sport. Don’t use alcohol as an excuse for anything. Live how you want to live. But, do not stop others from doing so. There’s a perfect place out there for you. The way your life is now isn’t how it will be forever. Change it for the good. But, accept it will change for the worse at times. Good things do not come to those who wait. They come to those who make them happen. At times your nature will play against you. It is your instinct to believe something because you wish it to be true. Be conscious of this. You want facts not truth. Truth is an opinion. Accept that people lie. Accept there are millions of things you are shit at. Accept you can’t do everything. Accept that at times you will hate yourself. Accept that some people are better looking than you. But realise, only you are you. So celebrate this. You were made for a reason. Show the world that reason. Scrap that, show yourself that reason. Don’t feel pressured to engage. Don’t feel bad when you feel different. Don’t feel stupid. Laugh with your friends. Laugh at yourself. Laugh at those stupid times you acted in a ridiculous way and you have absolutely no fucking clue why. We’ve all done it. We’ve all been there. We will all see you at finish line.

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