Joe Fox – One to watch

joe fox

As far as celebrity and musical endorsements go, it doesn’t get much more accredited than that of ASAP Rocky. Featuring on five tracks from Rocky’s At Long Last ASAP record, Joe Fox’s name in the music industry, in many ways, sky-rocketed over-night, but in others is still one I’d describe as up and coming. Completely rejecting the linear pattern of attaining fame of building a fan-base and gaining recognition and growing accordingly, Joe Fox skipped all that and went straight to working with one of the most influential rappers on the planet.


Apparently meeting him by a chance at a studio in Soho, Fox went on to provide those goose-bump evoking vocals on ‘Holy Ghost’ and four others from the album. Rocky has been quoted describing him as ‘the next Bob Dylan’.

Stemming from a backdrop as impressive as that yet having little recognition aside from these features, it must be tricky to know where you go from there. However, he is now releasing his own music. I stumbled upon his work via Spotify and immediately recognised the uniqueness of his sound. With only a couple of singles and an acoustic EP to be discussing, Fox is definitely within the formative stages of his musical career. Presumably returning back down to earth following one hell of a 2015 following ASAP Rocky on tour, it must feel like time to get on with bolstering his solo impact on the music industry. A Dylan-esque acoustic style is definitely identifiable, but for me, I find his slow, melodic and intoxicating lyrics to be more reminiscent of Kurt Cobain, specifically, that famous MTV Unplugged performance, he reminds me of that. Soft lyrics about heartbreak ‘I am not someone you should fall in love with’ embodies that brutal honesty Cobain is famous for and matched with a comparable marriage to a morbid obsession, ‘sometimes I feel half-dead’.



There’s something very pure about his sound. He is one to watch.

Artist: Joe Fox

EP: Acoustic Alley Sessions

My favourite track: Autopilot

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