Scoundrels – Sexy Weekend EP

Image result for scoundrels sexy weekend

Smooth bluesy vigour wrapped tightly then intertwined around some ecstatic guitar coordination that is married with wit and fascinating lyricism that is guaranteed to get your toes tapping.

There’s something special about this band. It is concerning to me that the EP was released back in 2012 and nothing has been released since. I myself only discovered them this year (2017) and anyone I’ve shown them to has never heard of them. Their sound resonated with me immediately. Sat in the back of my friends’ car is where I discovered them, the title track ‘Sexy Weekend’ blaring as we travelled through a mystic and foggy range of hills somewhere in Portugal. There’s a distinct charm concurrent with the comedic appeal of what essentially is a song about masturbation that has something honest and pure in rejecting the typical love and heartbreak songs that usually populate the blues genre.

The EP unfolds into something of a masterpiece. Striking wit and intoxicating vocals make for a delicious mash up of rock and blues. ‘Beijing Honey’ opens with an unforgettable electric riff that is coupled with vocals that sound like they could have come Muddy Waters or Howlin’ Wolf. Developing into a nostalgic love song about a romance that it all but over, ‘Scoundrels’ have a method of investing you in their troubles just as much as you are in your own. There is something so refreshing about modern bands executing the blues in a modern way. It is a genre that will never die. Go check it out.


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